Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dear Bride - 5 Things You Need To Know From Your Wedding Photographer

It’s 30 years from now, and you’re sitting on your porch swing with your sweetheart, watching the sun sink gently towards the horizon. You sigh, nostalgia weighing heavily in the evening air, and as you lean into your life partner’s shoulder you say, “remember how good the veal piccata was at our wedding?”

Truth be told, 30 years from now, you probably won’t remember what you ate that day. And when the nostalgia hits, you won’t reach for the car keys so you can go re-live your wedding dinner at the local restaurant… you’ll reach for the photo album.

Your wedding photos are something you will hold dear for decades to come. If you house is burning down, chances are good that photo album is one of the few things you will grab at a moment’s notice before dashing to safety.

I know this. I take my job incredibly seriously, and want to make sure you get the best possible pictures of your special day.

1. Get ready somewhere quiet and nice, and try to keep it clean.

Prep time can be stressful, and it can be doubly stressful when you’re being crowded by a lot of (well-meaning) people. Try to cut the crowd down, so you can relax a bit, and so that your makeup artist and photographer can do their work. Also, be aware of all those bags and water bottles laying around the place – you don't want them in your photos.

2. Your dress is probably going to get dirty.

If you resign yourself to this, it will be much easier to come to terms with it when it happens. Dresses and shoes are expensive, but you don’t want to be fretting all day over them. I may take you to some tricky locations. Those beautiful images of newlyweds strolling in sunlit fields and lounging about in old barns don’t happen by magic – you may need to trudge through some muddy paddocks and clamber over a fence or two.

3. Good photos take time.

Good photos rarely happen in 20 minutes, so allocate a reasonable amount of time to get them. Some venues have great locations very close by, but often there are places down the road or across town that can help make your wedding photos even more special.  The more time you give yourself for those important formals, the more relaxed you will be.

4. Write a list of family formals, and keep me abreast of any family issues that might crop up.

I don't know your family, so it helps a great deal if I have a list to work with when taking family photos. Let me know about divorces and/or deaths – this could help avoid some embarrassing moments. 

 5. Enjoy your day – your photos depend on it.

Weddings are stressful, and some brides have planned for their big day their whole lives. But when the day arrives, don’t sweat the details. Things will go wrong – they always do. Your task now is not to stress over minutiae, but to enjoy the day as it unfolds.

Be happy. Smile. Slow things down and enjoy all the moments. But mostly, enjoy the company of your new husband/wife. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Happiness = radiance = beautiful wedding photos.

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